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When will the competition end?

The rules say that the competition ends on Monday night, but the countdown on the top page shows it ends on Tuesday night. For example, its display is "3 days 8 hours 51 minutes 59 seconds" on Saturday, 15:08:01 (GMT +2 hours).
Which is correct?
If the deadline is Tuesday night, I prefer to play on Tuesday :-)

Dear Auftakt,

there has been published news about it:

Karel (Admin)

Thanks, Karel!

I'm trying to attempt the puzzles now, but I can't access the password, although the news states (as I understand it) that it should still be available. Is there some other way to get the password after the original time ended?

Alan Fetters

It is available now.
Sorry for the problems...

Karel (Admin)


I understand that the competition is still ON till Tuesday. But after logging IN still I am unable to access the password for the subject competition booklet. It shows that password was available till Monday night only. Why it is so?/ Please help.



It is available again now. Sorry for that problem.

Karel (Admin)