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WPF GP Puzzle - round 6

Text in Answer format for Kuromasu puzzle is wrong.
There is word "ship" (probably mistakenly copied from previous puzzle), should be word "black square" instead.

Also total points for this round is very low (only 393 points for Competitive section). Is that correct?

I have a question, too: From the example, I would have expected that *all* occurrences of some letter are given, but the rules don't say so. Is that delibarate?

Hi, you have a typo in the istructions of Lighthouses.
It says: "The number of lighthouses you must locate is NOT provided."
It obviously refers to ships else it wouldnt make much sense.

All of the comments are correct. Sorry, this round was submitted late by the authors and so it did not go through as much vigorous vetting as previous rounds. Unfortunately the next round has very similar circumstances. I hope fewer mistakes make it through this time.