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2018 WPF Puzzle GP Round 3 Announcement

We discovered about 12 hours into the competition that there was a PDF transparency mastering error that caused Puzzle 6 (the second Simple Loop puzzle) to print incorrectly on some PDF renderers. The puzzle always displayed correctly on screen, but, depending on the operating system and PDF tool used, could print with an extra unintended black cell.

The problem was discovered and corrected during the competition, with a replacement PDF uploaded.

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WPF Puzzle GP6 Cancelled; Unofficial contest to be held instead

Dear Players,

WPF Sudoku GP7

Dear Players,

Sudoku GP Round 7 is now the Russia round. The Slovakia round has been shifted to Round 8. All schedules remain unchanged. Feel free to post any queries in our forum.

WPF Puzzle GP5 - 24 Hour Extension

Dear players,

Due to the submission page bug at the start of the contest, which has since been fixed, Puzzle GP round 5 has been extended by 24 hours, and will now end at 23:59:59 on June 20, 2017 (GMT + 1 hour).


Dear players,

all bugs has been fixed and you can play WPF Puzzle GP5 without problems.
Good luck in solving!

Karel (Admin)

WPF Puzzle GP5

Dear players,

there has appeared bug in the submission phase. Right now it is not possible to publish the GPs, because your submissions won't be stored to our DB.
I'm working on fixing this bug as soon as possible.

Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE (16th June at 2PM):

Section A and B already fixed and published!

Karel (Admin)

Recalculation of Puzzle Results

Dear players,

there has been reported a bug in the Results section which was unfortunately present in more GP Results.
It's fixed now and all Puzzle GPs in 2017 has been recalculated.

Thank you very much for understanding, it should not appear again.

Karel (Admin)

Results WPF GP Puzzle 3C

Puzzle GP Round 3 - IB Published for all divisions

The Instruction Booklets for Round 3 of the Puzzle GP are now available.
If you have any questions about the round, please use our forum. Thanks.