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do i have a problem?

When I try to look at the detailed ranking for sections B and C (the one where the score of each individual round is shown) I receive a reply from the system "Page not found
The requested page "/WPF_scripts/RL_GP_B_all_unof_puzzle2017_v02.php" could not be found." Does it mean that the ranking has not been prepared or is it a problem affecting my account only? Can someone else tell me if they can see the ranking allright?

I can't see it.

May I ask you to try it now, please?
I hope that now it will be available even for you.

Thanks a lot.

Karel (Admin)

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Still can't see either B or C

Ok for me... but for the section C, there are results of the section B when I click on "Country".

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it's OK now also for me. btw, when will the official results for B and C be announced?

So I hope that Unofficial B and C are now without problems...
Official ones are in progress...

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still in progress I guess ...

where i can find the password?i cant open the soduko puzzle it needs password

Dear nice,

sorry, I've published the version of PDF without password so you can see the puzzles there without problems.


when sudoku 9th round will emerge?

Dear Zakir,

I'm sorry, but there were just eight rounds in this season.
So you can try to solve it from Archive or wait till the next season begins.

Karel (Admin)