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official results

The official results for categories B and C are missing not only for the 3rd PUZZLE GP contest, just concluded, but also for the 2ND contest which took place nearly 2 months ago, any idea when these will be published?

Well, it is written: "Any protests or amendments should be directed to by 23:59 (GMT + 2) on Thursday April 27th. Protests after this deadline will not be considered, and official results will then be published."

Does it mean that the results are official now, despite of the title of the page with them?
But where are the results of division C?
Is it related with a lot of nearly perfect solutions in division B that the results are published tardily this time?
But why are they published late every time?
Is the organiser of the competition (WPF) happy with this status quo?

I enjoy the puzzles in WPF GP almost every time, but I am constantly getting annoyed during waiting for the results. If it is just me, it is fine. If there are more unnecessarily annoyed players, it is a pitty, what do you think?