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Wrong end time in email

From the notification email about GP7, I saw the following:
"The competition puzzles and password will be available from 12:00:00 on July 3, 2015 (GMT + 2 hours) to 23:59:59 on July 7, 2015 (GMT + 2 hours)."

So, I was glad to have a chance to work on the puzzles the evening of July 6 local time, which is a little after 00:00:00 July 7 GMT+2. But when I went to the actual competition site, I found the following instead:
"The password is available between 12:00:00 pm on Friday, 3rd July 2015 and 11:59:59 pm (GMT + 2 hours) on Monday, 6th July 2015."

Which means I've now lost the chance to participate in this round. I know I'm never going to be in the elite echelons of solvers, but this is highly disappointing. And at this point, even if a change is made to allow entries to the emailed deadline, I won't be able to participate still because I'll be asleep or at work until that deadline passes. Don't think there's anything to be done now, just a very disappointed puzzler expressing his disappointment.

I saw the different deadline posted on the website from the e-mail announcement and so I was able to participate (by waking up very early on Monday and doing it before work -- I'm in GMT-7) -- but I'd like to agree with FoxFireX's comment: more consistency and care in announcing deadlines would be useful.

Another unclear matter about deadlines, by the way, is what happens if one gets the password say at 23:30 GMT+2 on Monday -- one would reasonably expect to still be given 90 minutes to complete the test (ending at 01:00 GMT+2 on Tuesday), since the announcements indicate that 23:59 GMT+2 is the deadline to get the password "and the puzzles" (whatever that means -- I can still get the puzzles now since the download link still works) -- 23:59 is not announced as the deadline to finish submitting answers. And yet I've been told that it is (I don't dare to test).


Dear players,

unfortunately there was a mistake in the section Competition Puzzles which was fixed before the start of the GP.
This wrong information was taken into the announcement and sent to all active players (I didn't know about this mistake).

Each GP was and is for 3.5 days from 12PM on Friday till 11:59PM on Monday.
Just once happened that there were some issues and the GP was prolonged.

On the Home page there is a countdown with the information when the GP ends. I hope that this is clear enough.

It will be probably necessary to change the Rules for the next year so it will be more clear (like on page or on Logic Masters DE) but this year it will stay like it is now.

It's a pity that you were not able to participate and I'm sorry for that, but if you feel any uncertainty it is a good option to ask before on this page in this forum.

We are trying to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Karel (Admin)

The problem is just that all I saw was the emailed information, which included the error. If the problem was originally on the site, and then corrected, that's fine, but since the email itself was also in error, I feel a follow-up email sent to the same original distribution list would have been good. I may still not have been able to participate, but at least it wouldn't have been such a disappointment. (The short version is that due to kids and family commitments, I simply had no time to visit the site during the competition window. Since the email showed I had one more day, I freed up some time the following evening, sat down, and saw that the original email [my only resource] was wrong.)

Karel: we understand that website glitches happen occasionally, and we thank you for correcting the information there -- however, the issue that FoxFireX points out is that every player received an e-mail announcing

"We would like to remind you that the WPF Sudoku GP Round 7 starts this weekend. This time the puzzles will be prepared by the SwissTeam. The competition puzzles and password will be available from 12:00:00 on July 3, 2015 (GMT + 2 hours) to 23:59:59 on July 7, 2015 (GMT + 2 hours)."

Since there was no correction sent after this e-mail, and most of us check our e-mail more regularly than the WPF website, it was only logical to assume that the competition had been extended by a day.


Sorry for that. I didn't know that the information is taken from Competition puzzles page. So once I have changed it I didn't inform the sender of the email that there was a mistake.

But as I have mentioned, all information is available in section Sudoku / Puzzle and there is also a full schedule.
These emails are just a reminder that there will be a GP.

The good choice is to visit the site and check it. Even on the smartphone it's a thing for 10 seconds and you'll see the countdown and News. If there isn't any News about longer timeframe then it's like usual.

I hope that this won't happen again and you will find time to compete during those 3.5 days :)

Karel (Admin)