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Hello ,

Can anybody explain the logic at what's next with numbers. How should I find 23???

Volkan - TURKEY

I found another solution (after the competition was over): Every third digit is the average (rounded up) of the two preceding numbers. That would give 21.

No idea how to get 23.

Write the numbers. :)


one-four-.....- :)

I am missing something, I still could not see:(
one- four- three- eleven- fifteen- thirteen- seventeen- twentyfour- ??
sorry need more help:D

that is the number of letters used in the number. twenty three is the lowest number with 11 letters.

thanks, finally I got it:D this question deserves more than 8 points...

one zero three eleven

Sorry, where did you see the answers posted?

(p.s. I put down 21 as well)

You can see the official answers on the "My solutions" page. I think 21 should be accepted, too.

How about the letters one?

The initials of the puzzles, e.g. "Star Battle" gives SB.

Thankfully I wasn't in a position to have to solve these to get a bonus.