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What should I do after GP ?


I want advices for what should I do after GP finished? Is there any online competitions which you follow and race at Sudoku or Puzzle? It will be hard days without this GP :)( I am not a good solver like people in this site but I am really addicted)

Best regards


Dear Volkan,

there are on-line competitions in GP's style on many servers.

The invitation is usualy posted in WPF calendar of in forum:

Or you can visit some of those sites: (here is also available daily sudoku league in variants)

Dear admin:)

Thank you so much for information and this GP competition.

Thank you for all your efforts this year in organising a challenging set of Sudoku puzzles. I look forward to them every month. I need to warn my partner of the weekend of the GP so that little is planned for that weekend.
Do you have the dates for next year 2015? Is there a date when you post the timetable for the year? Or do you email all members/participants the information towards the end of this year?
Pass on my thanks once again to all those all over the world who set out the puzzles.