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What if Someone is Cheating in GP?

Unfortunately, I find Yi Huang, nick name appetizer8088 solved twelve puzzles in 30 minutes and 46 seconds. His rank is No.31

As far as I know, this man also cheated in China sudoku online contests many many times.

Tom, will GP Competition Committee handle this?


Yes, we are aware of this case. The results published so far are preliminary, as competitors have 48 hours after the event to submit any appeals, which means they are subject to change. During this time we are able to consider any suspicious cases as well.

If there is something that we have missed then please do get in touch - however it isn't fair or appropriate for me to publicly comment on individual cases until the final results are published.

I hope my answer is satisfactory,

Tom Collyer
Competition Director,
WPF Sudoku GP 2016

Hi Tom,

Really efficient and responsible job!

Thank you for your time.