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Unable to pick the password

Unable to pick the password. Please assist.

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In the menu on the left you should have navigated to Sudoku GP > Competition puzzles > Password.
But I am afraid you can't do it any more now as the competition is over :(

From reading two forum posts, it seems the passwords are available only during the competition but not indefinitely following the competition.

I was not able to compete January 17-20. I logged in just now to download and work the puzzles. However, there is no access to pick the password.

Request: allow access to passwords after the competition is finished. If not, please explain why not. You already know those who entered during the specified time, who won, the scores, and standings.

Thanks, Karen

I agree with Karen - please allow later password retrieval for those of us with busy schedules who would still like to work the puzzles! Thanks.

I can see the password just fine right now, though I did compete during the 17-20 period. It's under Sudoku GP > Competition puzzles > Password as in the original comment.