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Transfer Sudoku


I don't quite understand with the rule of Transfer Sudoku. What does it mean by

"Then four digits in every row are transferred to the right one after another. Also, four digits in every column are transferred down one after

From my understanding, I just need to put all outside given numbers into the grid which obey rule each given number can't appear in both row and column given number set and also will not be in grey cell.

Hope someone can understand and help me. Thank you.

I too had a mental block over that sudoku failing to proceed further.But after persistently trying,I could get past that sudoku.Here is how it works :Adding to whatever you said,first you make pencil marks of possible numbers in the shaded cells.Since it has been stated in the rules that the tranfer is done only after digits in the gray cells have been erased ,you can conclude that the digit in the grey cell can't be any of the numbers given as clues outside .For example you can conclude that the shaded cell R2C1 can contain only a 1 or a 5 (because all other digits have been given as clues outside.So the only numbers that could have been erased would be 1 or 5).

Then comes the difficult part.Since the digits are transferred to the right or to the bottom one after another you can safely conclude that for each set of given clues the first of those 4 numbers can only be in the first 6 cells seen from the corresponding direction and similarly the last of those 4 given clues can only be in the last 6 cells in the corresponding direction.For example consider the clues 5712 given outside the first Row.5 can only be in one of R1C1,R1C2,R1C3,R1C4,R1C5 and R1C6(Correspond this with the shaded cell rule and the clues given at the bottom and you can eliminate 5 from R1C2,R1C4,R1C6).So that's how it works and the rate at which the numbers were deciphered was very slow(atleast in my case)

Hi Kishy,

thanks for your help. Now I see clearly. Hmm..this one will be a bit challenging against the time since based on distributed marks, this one costs us 65 points. If we concluded that total marks, 600 points is 60 minutes for good solvers can solve it all, so this sudoku will take at least 6 minutes for them to solve it. Well, I hope we are really understand with the rule. Any author can help us too? Do we miss something?

Once again, thank you :)