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thanks for quick results

Just wanted to say thanks that the results were made available so quickly this time around.

Unfortunately, the solutions for the casual section seem a bit off (answer keys assigned to wrong puzzles).

Uvo: thank you very much for your feedback!
I have fixed the bug.

Karel (Admin)

Another issue: The points for each puzzle differ from those given in the instruction file and the competition file (casual section only).

You are completely right. Unfortunately I took wrong column from prepared spreadsheet from Wei-Hwa. My mistake, sorry for that.

It is fixed now. I hope that the Results are now without mistakes.


Hi, I sent a claim by mail for puzzle GP round 4 last week, and never received an answer. Could you confirm that it is because the claim was refused, and not because the mail was not received ?
Thank you !

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with reference to diagonal sudoku n.11 I can see the marked diagonal on the screen but my printer does not print it. pls make sure that in the real puzzle this is fixed

Have you tried saving the PDF and then printing it instead of printing from the browser? Printing from the browser frequently causes that kind of problem.

Hi sf2l,

Firstly, I would ask you wherever possible to create a new forum topic when you wish to discuss something new. It is a little confusing that this comment has been posted in a topic originally talking about Puzzle GP round 5 results.

Rob is correct in identifying the fact that many browser PDF viewers are buggy and certainly not optimised for printing. Nevertheless, the complaint about the diagonal lines is not new, and for this round I can confirm that I have used a solid line in the same style as "# Sudoku" or "% Sudoku" as featured in Sudoku GP Round 5. Hopefully this should remove the browser printing problems.

Tom Collyer
Competition Director,
WPF Sudoku GP 2016