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sudoku round 5 puzzle 9 renban

The puzzle nr. 9 Renban Groups in the instruction booklet is broken. The middle region contains numbers 12345689.

If you zoom a bit the pdf, you'll see it's not one renban group in the middle region, but 4 groups of 2 cells ;)
(but I agree it can be confusing once printed)


Actually I didnt print it. Now I have printed it and the regions are distinguishable on the paper since the lines are thinner and renbans darker.
I had no chance to see it on the screen, plus I dont think I ever saw a renban with adjacent regions so I didnt think of that possibility.
If there will be touching regions in the competition puzzle I will have no trouble to distinguish them but in that case I would still appreciate the borders to be marked better as they may blend together on other players´ printers.

"I dont think I ever saw a renban with adjacent regions so I didnt think of that possibility."

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Hi jzverina,

Firstly I would advise viewing and printing the booklets from PDF viewing software. PDFs rendered using internet browsing software are the most frequent cause of problems. There is not so much I can do about this because my first priority for the booklets is that they print correctly.

Secondly, when viewing the IB on my screen I can clearly (without needing to zoom) see the white gaps between the renban groups and the cell borders. If this is not clear then please let me know and I will try to improve the presentation of the grid. As Fred76 mentions above, puzzles with different groups in adjacent cells are not that uncommon (my favourite example is this one: ) so I hope this has not come as such a big surprise.

If anyone else has any problems distinguishing the Renban groups then please let me know.

Thank you,

Tom Collyer
Competition Director,
WPF Sudoku GP 2016

yes thats how it should be drawn. Nice puzzle

I tried to open it in Adobe and it is the same. It might be caused by me having the brightness set to almost maximum. As I said, when I print it out it´s okayish. As the competition grids are always larger, it should be OK this way though I like Fred´s design more.
I really dont remember playing any renban with adjacent groups. I dont understand what´s the point of trying to prove its existence but thanks for the puzzle (though it feels more like a consecutive pairs sudoku).