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Submitted Answers for wrong puzzle Number

As I was reviewing my answers I noticed that I had put the answers for Snake puzzle #36 under Snake puzzle #35 ... I was wondering what happens in such a case.

We have no automated system that notices this, but in general if you send an e-mail to us with details we'll look into it and sometimes will give you credit.

I tried the email but it bounced ...

It is correct.

We have got 2 complaints today. So it works as far as I can say.
May I ask you to try it once again?

Karel (Admin)

I just tried but it bounced again.


same here. My email also just bounced twice, but from a karel... email-address? Maybe its just one receiver which bounces? Or should I try to send my email directly to this karel... address?


Best regards

It not very good to hear about such a problem :(

I'll try to contact our provider.
Please send me the info into my mail address or via PM in here (to Admin account).

Thank you!