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Submission page in Puzzle GP 1

I played Puzzle GP 1, but unfortunately submission page behaved strangely. In the last 30 minutes, every time I submitted new answers, some answers or exactly two answer keys in a single puzzle disappeared and red warning appeared. I don't know how many my answers were accepted. Is this just my problem?

My answer page didn't accept any answers. I tried Google chrome, IE and Firefox and all failed. My internet connection is fine.
So I sent the answers by email in 3 separate portions. You should have my start time and all my emails should be time-stamped. I hope this is acceptable because one should not be disqualified from no fault of his own.
Not entirely happy with how things went.

Hi Deu and tamz29!

The submission page works as usual, so it's strange that you have had problems with sending your answers.
If your solution is saved correctly (the green box appears) then there are also stored cookies and you will see your submission next time fulfiled.

If there is red box, you need to fix the problem. If you don't fix it and you'll refresh the page then you lose everything what was set => there will be restored the last correct submission which is in your cookies.

I'd like to ask you to describe your problems to me more via PM please.
Because it seams to me that it's probably not a problem of the whole Answering form.

Thank you very much.
Karel (Admin)