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Submission lost for Puzzle GP 6


I just finished the 6th round of the Puzzle GP, and my submissions for three of the puzzles are missing in the page "My Solutions", despite the acknowledgment after my submissions at 00:30 ...

Where can I report that ?

Please check my solution for puzzle 1.

TiiT's picture

I lost all my answers. I submitted about 5-10 minutes before the time limit and the page told me that my submission is successfully saved. Something isn't right here.

Tiit Vunk

I also can not see my answers on my solutions page.
What should we do?

Volkan Öztürk-Turkey

Dear Branko,

the competition director decided not to give you claim bonus due to the mistake in puzzle 1.

Your solution is not correct as I can see.
A two-digit number may not start with a zero (although a single-digit number may).


Dear Grizix,

I've checked your submissions and unfortunately it's not possible to take them into count. Because you have submitted it after the end of this competition.
You have started at: 23. 6. 2014 23:03:46 GMT+2
so you didn't have the whole 90 minutes period but only 56:14.


Dear Tiit,

your submission is in the DB and I can see you in the result list.
Unfortunately right now I'm not able to say why your answers are not showing in the view My solutions.

- 28 13 17 28 69 7 16 8 7 51 38 47 39 38 12 418 15 15 01:28:38

You have sent 15 puzzles of 16 (total).


Dear Volkan,

the same situation as by Tiit. I'll try to figure out what's wrong.
Your solution is here:
- 0 13 - - 0 7 16 8 - - 38 47 - - - 129 8 6 00:58:53


Tiit and Volkan,

may I ask you to check if it works now?

Please let me know :)

Dear Karel,
My point and solved questions is still 0 when I checked the link you give. Thanks for your interest:)


Yes :D

A little mistake appeared there after copying it from my computer :)
So I hope that now it works.

I saw it now:( 2 questions blown up:P
Thanks again