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Sample Casual Puzzles

Since I've received some question about what sort of puzzles one might find in the Casual section, I have created some example casual puzzles and forwarded this to the puzzle authors.

Solvers may also try them too.

Here is the link:

I think you are right. This could increase the GP's status as a contest of general puzzle solving skills, as long as the quality of the new Casual Puzzles is at the same high level as that of the original grid-based puzzles.

I know there are many awesomely innovative puzzle types that are compatible with the GP's format (e.g. Erich Friedman's many puzzles from his Puzzle Palace, and also the many puzzles you yourself invented for your Puzzle Gadget gallery, and also the expert-level collection of geometric dissection/burr puzzles at PuzzleWillBePlayed curated by Ishino Keiichiro (though these might be too extreme a departure for the usual puzzle genres)).

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