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Releasing Competition Puzzles eventually?

Are there any plans to release the competition puzzles in a non-password protected file after a certain amount of time (e.g. 5 days after scoring)? I've been telling people about this, and right now only the instruction books are available.

Related question: Is it okay to release the password to the competitions after a certain amount of time? I don't want to cause any issues by doing so in case there's something I'm missing by sharing these puzzles post-competition (I just hate to see good puzzles go to waste when there could be more folks who would enjoy them!).

Thanks for the competition, and keep up the good work!

It is possible to pick up the password. The page is available since Tuesday ;)
So they can try to play the competition... :)


From reading two forum posts, it seems the passwords are available only during the competition but not indefinitely following the competition.

I was not able to compete January 17-20. I logged in just now to download and work the puzzles. However, there is no access to pick the password.

Request: allow access to passwords after the competition is finished. If not, please explain why not. You already know those who entered during the specified time, who won, the scores, and standings.
Thanks, Karen The part in bold at the end is the password. If it doesn't work, then there must be some other problem.

Hi, you can download all the past Instruction booklets, Competition puzzles and also Solutions in the archive:

The competition booklet is still under password protect.

You can get the password in Archive - password as you did during the competition. Most probably we will remove the password section in archive at all. Hope it is OK. Thanks