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Puzzle GP Round 2 Query

I know its quite late,
but i was solving remaining puzzles right now.
I was getting stuck in Tapa Logic again and again, then i checked solutions where T is 0. There is a cell which contain T,T,O -> how can T be 0 ?
In rules it says " Ignore 0s in a cell unless a cell contains only 0s and no other numbers"
am i misunderstanding the rules or i dont't know where i am thinking wrong ?

It basically means, if a multiple clue cell contains 0, ignore the 0 and just satisfy the clue for the non-zero digits. But if it's a clue with only 0s, then all cells around the clue will be unshaded. I think this sentence was mainly intended to keep away confusion about a 0 meaning no unshaded cells but a 1-0-0 clue would contain a shaded cell contradicting that. Tapa Logic puzzles in general as far as I know have a rule directly stating that 0 cannot be part of multiple digit clue cells, but this isn't the same.

0 meaning no *shaded cells