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Puzzle GP, first round, solution codes

I have made a general fault in the solution codes of puzzles 16, 17 and
18 by typing the numbers in the circles not from left to right, but from
top to bottom. Is there any chance to get points or partial points for
the puzzles?

In the rules it says: "Any protests must be submitted within 48 hours of the end of the competition to the WPF Competition Director for final review." But how is it possible to reach someone? It seems to me that neither the forum, nor the mails are read by some of the judges? Of course I understand if the answer to my question above would be "no", but not getting any answer is somehow frustrating.

The forum is read by the judges but perhaps we don't respond very quickly.

In any case, we do not give points or partial points for mistakes made in entering the answer ("solution codes" as you say above). The only exception is that a solver who answers all but one puzzle correctly may receive partial bonus points, but they will still not get points for the puzzle they did not answer correctly.

I urge all solvers to read the instruction booklet beforehand to make sure they fully understand how answer codes should be generated.

Thank you very much for your answer. I thought of this answer before. It's just that I have never had such a good result in any puzzle competition yet and most likely not will have again, so it would have felt cowardly not even to ask.