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Printing issues

I had to force to use black/white mode only in the printing options dialog. When I printed it with the auto-selection I got blank pages only. Lost few minutes to figure it out. Page 1 and 2 are OK in auto mode, it affect the landscape part only.

The same happened for me: page 1 and 2 were OK but the remaining were blank.

I had to do a "printscreen" of every pages to print them from a separeted program and I lost 7-8 minutes.

Don't know why...

In any way, thanks very much for the competition!

I also had printing difficulties, (first two pages printed fine, then nothing at all came out after that). I assume it was something getting confused by the orientation change from portrait to landscape.

I worked around it by doing a "print to file" of the landscape pages from the original document to create a new PDF file and then printing that file.

Regardless, I had a ton of fun in my first Puzzle Grand Prix.