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printing 2nd round competition sudoku impossible

something is wrong with printing puzzles. my printer prints wording, headers, footers but not the puzzles. I wonder if there is a problem with the acrobat file or reader. any suggestion?

Hi makoe,

I'm sorry to hear about your printing issues. We are aware of some problems with the puzzle files, but it is very difficult to narrow down when we cannot replicate the problems ourselves. Would it be possible to give us some more details? Specifically, your operating system, the software you are using to view the PDF, and the model of your printer.

Thank you,

Tom Collyer
Competition Director,
WPF Sudoku GP 2016

Hi Tom

Thank you for the response. I am using iMac, OS X El Capitan, 10.11.3, Acrobat to view the file, and an HP printer (Photosmart Premium C410).Although I haven't had any problem so far it may be caused by the printer. Please let me know if it is due to the fact that I am using iMac I hope next time it will work. I do not want to miss another round!

Thanks very much for the information,

I also use Mac OS X and I have had no problem when printing from Preview (rather than acrobat) - so as a temporary solution I would suggest trying to print the booklet again, this time opening the PDF using Preview.

As a more long term solution I'm trying a few different ways of preparing the PDF to see if this makes a difference for people. My suspicion is this has to do with printer drivers, but I'd ideally like to have robust PDFs that work with any printer and with all the common PDF viewers!

Tom Collyer
Competition Director,
WPF Sudoku GP 2016

Hi Tom. Finally I managed to fix the problem. Thanks for your help

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Hello, Maybe it can help, I'm using printings on my Imac yosemite 10.10.5 and it worked perfectly yesterday with acrobat up to date last version and epson printer xp860.

I updated acrobat and I realised that it was a printer's problem. Thanks for help!