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Practise puzzles for GP Puzzle Round 4 (Dutch Round)

The Dutch Round contains a few puzzle types that are not very common, even some innovative variations. To give all players the opportunity to practice a little bit for the competition, Hans Eendebak and I have prepared some puzzles that will be published in the coming week on the website of the Dutch puzzle Association You can expect two puzzles each of the following variants: Battleships, Sum Battleships, Star Wars, Neighbours, Sky Neighbours and Pento Slitherlinks. I will inform you about the publishing. If you can’t wait until these puzzles are published and start practicing immediately, here are some links to puzzles I have published earlier on the website of Logic Masters Germany / Logic Masters India.
Classic Neighbours:

Sky Neighbours:

Touching Pentominos (Pento Blokus):

Mini Pentomino Loops (Pento Slitherlink):

There are also some Touching Pentominos and Mini Pento Loops included in my Puzzle test Pento Parade at LMI that you can find here:

Best regards, Richard

In the last few days we have published the first three sets of practice puzzles. You can find them at
On our website we publish two puzzles per day. Normally the first one is for everyone and the second puzzle (Always the same type as the first one) is for members only. For this occasion both puzzles are available for everyone.
If you go to the website, you will find the puzzles by scrolling down a bit:
Friday (April 3): Star Wars;
Sunday (April 5): Battleships Classic;
Monday (April 6): Valued (Sum) Battleships.
Puzzles are available on the website for about 10 days.
In the coming days you can expect the other types as promised a few days ago.

Best regards, Richard

On the website you can now find
- Neighbours (Classic) published on Tuesday April 7
- Mini Penta Loops (Pento Slitherlink) published on Thursday April 9.
Also check out the website of Robert Vollmert were you can find also Classic Neighbours and an interesting star wars puzzle.

Today two Sky Neighbours were published on
The graphics are a bit confusing: it looks like if the four corners are also a cell of the grid which is not the case of course. It is best if you colour the cells in all four corners black to avoid confusion.

Very recently I have created two more Touching Pentomino puzzles. These puzzles will be published in the weekend. I will let you know when.

Hans and I wish all players good luck and a lot of fun during the competition!
Best regards, Richard

The last practice puzzles came out today at
Check out the Touching Pentominos (Pento Blokus).