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Practice material


I just saw the IB for Puzzle GP, all those puzzle types are new to me.

Can anyone refer some practice material where those kind of puzzles are available to solve?

In that IB the answer is given alongwith, and hence it becomes tough to try there.

You can just frequent the usual puzzle sites and get what you need. The German authors themselves have their site .. Logic Masters India's Monthly Tests ( are a great source for all kinds of puzzles. You could also check out Grandmaster puzzles (, or the many puzzle blogs out there (mine for example -

In general you'll probably find that a lot of the types are common around the "regular" places. All the sites/blogs are well equipped with spaces for comments through which you can contact the authors or someone experienced to help you out with a specific puzzle in case you're stuck.

Aside from the "Easy as ABC" variation, "Compass" should be the only type in there that's not too well known. There's one puzzle in last year's German Logic Masters at and one in the 11th contest of last year's Hausigel Contest Series at

I'm sure I've seen the Easy as ABC variation before, but can't find any right now.