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Password Issues for Sudoku GP

Is anyone else having difficulty accessing the password for the Sudoku GP (Round 5)?

I'm within the time limit but the password page just says "The password is available between 12:00:00 pm on Friday, 24th April 2015 (GMT + 2 hours) and 11:59:59 pm on Monday, 27th April 2015 (GMT + 2 hours)."


I'm getting that also.

I'm having the same issue

Sorry for those problems.

The Password section is available again. You can try to play WFP Sudoku GP5 now.
Best regards,


I can't get the password even though the admin says it was reset.

Dear LaurieL,

unfortunately you have missed the time frame (even the extended one) and the competition is over.

The password was available till 6AM on April the 29th, 2015 (GMT + 2hours).

Thank you for understanding.

I missed the competition, but now I'd like to solve the puzzles. The competition pdf is still password protected, when will it be free? Thanks,

Dear Ric,

I've changed the file, and you can now open it without password.

Karel (Admin)

Thanks a lot, Karel! :-)


I'm here for the very first time, didn't prepare well the strategy, I think I didn't reach the timeframe because T sent all my answers on the end; I've received the message that the clock might not count the real time... Anyway, there's still some problems concerning the password, fixed, where can I see my answers, whether available?

Hi Mark,

it's possible to see your answers here:


Many thanks, lot of work to do...

Many thanks, I broke the ice, just a scratch, lot of work to do!...