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Not Understand With Transfer Sudoku Rule


I don't quite understand with the rule of Transfer Sudoku. What does it mean by

"Then four digits in every row are transferred to the right one after another. Also, four digits in every column are transferred down one after

From my understanding, I just need to put all outside given numbers into the grid which obey rule each given number can't appear in both row and column given number set and also will not be in grey cell.

Hope someone can understand and help me. Thank you.

Sorry, is this the right place to ask? Or anyone can help me understand this? Thanks

The numbers to the right of the rows are 4 of the 9 entries from that row. They appear in the same order, but you don't know which positions they are in. The numbers below the columns are 4 of the 9 entries from that column. They appear in the same order, but you don't know which positions they are in. Every number from the original Sudoku grid was transferred outside the grid in its row or in its column, except for the shaded boxes. They are not indicated anywhere explicitly.

I think the definition in rules is the worst possible. I understood exactly the opposite and therefore lost almost an hour of solving time on this puzzle. If I transfer the numbers from grid one after another, it means I can pick whichever number I want in each turn and so they can appear outside the grid in random order, can't they?. On the other hand, if I transfer all four numbers at once, their order is preserved.
Maybe it could have been observed from example table, but was it really too hard to mention explicitly in the rules that "numbers outside the grid appear in the same order as in resulting table"?

So, this statement just to said the order of outside given numbers is true and should be follow only?


Hi, I think the puzzle of Double Sudoku (no:8) is not correct. Because in some of cells both numbers are identical. Isn't it?
Thank you

Can you explain what do you mean as "both numbers are identical"?

He probably has not studied the rules carefully and thinks that all numbers from 1-8 have to be in each of the rectangular shaped regions.
Shaghayegh take a look at the rules again.It says all digits from 1-4 have to occur twice in each rectangular shaped region besides the rows and columns and such that same digits don't touch orthogonally(by edges).So it's not a normal classic sudoku type with digits 1-8.I hope it's clear now.Good luck!

This is not about the Transfer Sudoku but this is about a Sudoku Rule so yeah, now that you know about the Transfer Sudoku, could you help me? Do you know how to do the Bust Sudoku in Round 5? It says, "Additionally, the clues outside the grid indicate the first cell such that the sum of
the digits in the corresponding direction is greater than 21." I understand none of it. Which direction? Thanks. :)

For an outside clue, its direction would be along the row/column where it is placed, and would be from the outside clue towards the other side of the grid. So for say a clue outside row 2 on the right, its direction would be from right to left along row 2. So if the clue for Bust Sudoku is "4", then in the direction of the 4 clue, by the fourth digit, the sum will be greater than 21, but it can't go greater than 21 before that (by third digit itself, for instance)