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Issues to send answers

Hi to the organizing team,

I unfortunately have a small problem to report after this first sudoku GP round; indeed I have had some difficulties to send my answers. To be precise, the first time I tried to send some answers the page kept loading again and again; since it didn't look like it was going to end, I tried hitting the submit button again - which changed nothing - then I tried to refresh the page - nothing more. Finally I closed it, opened it again, and this time I got the message confirming me that my answers had been received.

It didn't make me lose half an hour of course, but still costed me a couple minutes and quite a bit of focus so I would prefer to make sure that the problem won't occur on the next rounds. So my question is: has anybody else experienced such problem, or does the issue come from my side? (I was using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox as a browser, if that may be the source of the trouble)



I was using the same browser version and I didn't have the issues. It took about 5-6 seconds to load into the successfully saved message. I think I clicked submit about 3 times in total.

There were some problems with the server on Sunday evening.
It was due to some work on the page (it was cause by me for few minutes).
But I have just one mail in my box that the player lost connection due to Internal Server Error.

I didn't see any problems yesterday.
So I'm sorry for the problems but I afraid that I'm not able to do anything with it in the future.


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who can I discuss an issue referring to my results?

Send an email to info(at) :)