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How fast does the result for each grand prix get tabulated?

To whom may be reading this,
As you probably know, there was a Sudoku Grand Prix tournament this weekend, the window to participate in which closed roughly an hour ago. Since the competition is "closed," why don't the results publish immediately? Is this because 23:59:59 Monday GMT is the last possible starting time and not the last possible submission time as is my assumption? Is it because there is a certain window of time that the computer needs to tabulate the data that I am not aware of? Is it something else? Thanks!

Nathan Ruhde

Dear Nathan,

the system works a little bit different. Because of Claim Bonuses there is necessary manual check from the Competition director who decides if player who has mistake (13 puzzles of 14) deservers partial Claim Bonus points.

And that's why it is not possible to publish the whole result list just after the competition.

Right now you can check your own solution in the Sudoku GP section :)

Karel (Admin)

Hi, what about publishing the Round 1 Casual (but also Competition) Puzzle Solutions? I'm looking forward having an explanation on some puzzle solution... Thanks in advance, regards


We had a small discussion and we are going to try to get unofficial results published right after the competition. Because of Claim Bonuses partial credit and protests, those results won't be official.

I've submitted Round 1 solutions a while ago so I'm not sure why they're not posted yet. In the meantime you can ask for any specific solution here :)

Solutions are published since 1st February. Maybe two hours after riccared post...

Karel (Admin)