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GP3 Answer Submission

I wonder if the answer form struggled with so many fields this month?

I'm using IE11. At the contest end, after sending my answers the form would reload and it would repopulate most of my answers, but not the first few Tapa answers.
e.g. my answers for 1a to 7a are now blank, and 7b is still filled in so it is also displaying a big red error message saying that puzzle 7 will not get any points.
The first time I saw this I wondered if I'd actually forgotten to enter something, so filled in all the blanks again. But now I suspect there is a character limit being reached somewhere in the code.

Did anyone else see this?

It happened to me too. About 5 minutes before my time was up, I had entered answers for 29 of the 37 puzzles, clicked on submit and it looked fine.

About 30 seconds before the time was up, I had solved another puzzle, entered the code and hit submit again, only to receive an error message with now the puzzle answers from 1a to 6a missing.

I'm very sorry for these problems.
I went through the code and there was probably some issue with cookies (time limit) which I have increased.

I hope that this won't happen again in the future.

But it sould not affect your results. All answers are stored in DB and the your result is collected from all your submissions (the latest answer is taken).
So in that case if there was empty spot, it will take the latest filled one.