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GP Sudoku round 5 password???

Why I can't the PB password ?
When I try to open the answer form ,I see the time only about 30 minutes?

That's my experience, too. Password says
"The password is available between 12:00:00 pm on Friday, 24th April 2015 (GMT + 2 hours) and 11:59:59 pm on Monday, 27th April 2015 (GMT + 2 hours)."
Google says that right now
Current time in Greenwich Standard Time (GST) 1:12:25 AM CDT April 27, 2015.

... Any chance that the dates of the competition were coded wrong? This is supposed to close at the END of April 27, not the BEGINNING of April 27, right?

I think the password closed 24 hours before it was supposed to. I also hope that, if they don't fix the problem tonight, we should be given an extra day or two to complete the competition.

same problem. home page countdown says 20 hours left. password page won't give password.

I also was unable to get the password.

I am facing the same issue, but I am sure the organizers will take all necessary actions :)


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Now maybe OK,you can see.

Sorry for those problems, it is available again.