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GP Round 8 Puzzle 10

In last round puzzle #10 Japanese Arrows correct answer for line 2 is 232222. However solution 331233 looks also valid for me. Could it be that we have more than one solution?

Not sure, but if I try your variant for row 5, I get a 3 at the right end of row 5, which causes a 4 in the top right corner, which gives a 3 in row 1, column 3, which in turn gives a 2 in row 4 column 3. On the other hand, row 4 column 3 is the only place to put a 1 in that row, which is needed to satisfy the 4-clue in row 4 column 2. (If the 4 is satisfied using a 5, then that 5 needs a 1 somewhere.)

Maybe you can give your full solution?

Yes, now I see it. In row 1 I have 332213, so column 3 is wrong here. Good to know that solution is unique. Thanks.