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GP Round 1 - Thank you very much!

Hi all,

Since the first round is finished, it's time to look back a little bit.

Congratulations to Tiit, Jakub and Vincent. Well done!

First of all I would like to thank all participants. Almost 500 players with a positive score is very nice to see!
Second, a big thank you to the organising team: Thomas, Wei Hwa, Karel and Hana have done a great job to make this all possible!

Before I started writing the puzzles for this round, I first looked to all the GP-competition sets of last year. The Swiss round was all build on one theme and I liked that a lot. I decided to have a small number of puzzles around one theme too: arrows and thermometers with the same shape at the same postition and all odd/even and renban groups on the same position as the arrows and thermometers.

I am very happy to see that the three more innovative puzzles are solved in good numbers. The most popular new type was 'Next to Nine'. The two least submitted puzzles are the good old arrows and thermometers, maybe due to the relative high points?

Best regards, Richard