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GP Puzzle 4 - Dotted Snake

Is it possible there are several solutions for a grid for dotted snake ?

I found other solutions for the example :


Is it correct or do I miss something ?

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I was wondering about this as well. It seems the example doesn't have a unique solution given the rules posted.

Is there a rule that says the snake has to turn at dots or something like that?

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Can the pawns be located in any row of the diagram, including top and bottom row? or do they need to respect the location of pawns in a chessboard, like in the example?

"Pawns may be placed anywhere, including the top and bottom row, and attack the two diagonal squares above it."

The Dotted Snake example does have more than one solution; an "x" was missing from the example. This is fixed in the most recent version of the instructions and puzzle booklet.