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Extra time

I wish to give us extra time for solving!

I too would like more time-- I liked the old 2 hour format. I get more points per minute on the standard sudokus yet I find the variants more fun. So I burn a lot of my time on the standard puzzles and just hope I have time to do a few of the variants before time runs out. (Then I enjoyably but wistfully solve more variants after time has expired.)

If the contests stay at 90 min I might prefer slightly fewer standard sudoku.

There is an important aspect to understand here. If the duration is changed, that won't automatically fix it so all solvers can solve every Sudoku. Say it is increased to two hours, there may still be X player who falls into the same situation as you are in now. So ask the question, at what stage is it "ok" to draw the line? There is really no good answer, but I think there needs to be some consideration that the top players don't finish too far ahead of time, because then a mistake means that much more loss. If around 20-30 minutes is given from the top player to the last finisher, the space is given for players to improve into that spot.

In the end, the fixed time is so that you can improve yourself. At a stage I think even the top solvers struggled to solve beyond Classics. The fact that you solve the variants after time is a good sign. You can explore links to other contests, for example Sudoku Mahabharat on Logic Masters India, which are geared even more towards Beginners for finishing purposes, or check out daily sites like Sudoku Cup and Fed Sudoku, which are also places to compare yourself to top solvers without the fixed time allotment. In general though, at a stage of improvement I'm sure you too will be able to solve more variations within the 90 minutes.

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When the time runs out, it actually don't run out. The result is just fixed by that time. Everyone has plenty time to finish all puzzles, just no possibility to submit the answers though. I always have finished all the puzzles even if the competition time is too short :)

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Hello Mrs TiiT.
I participated in the competition for the first. I understand that printing and the writing answers and those checking are time-consuming.
You and like you, must not compare yourselves with us.
I and the other that are new in competition and we are not professionally and quickly like you. When time runs out, I solve all of puzzles after time without stress and anxiety, so.

I think that the times of printing and writing answers and checking answers add to time of competition.

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Sorry, my idea was not to make some comparing or anything. I have never finished a single Puzzle GP round in time, but always solve all the puzzles after the competition and find them pretty nice :)

By the way, He is Mr. Tiit Vunk and not Mrs. Just Clarifying :)

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Thank you for the explanation. But I like designing of variants. I create almost 20 variant. I think you saw some of my work. I have no time for practice and speed. But I will try to attend in this competition to the it's end, although I will solve few puzzles, but it is important that I learn more and more, special for creating puzzles.