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Extra Practise Puzzles for first Sudoku GP round

As some of you may know, I am currently busy with a unique project; Sudoku Variants Series (SVS). I am publishing a different Sudoku Variant every week (on Tuesdays) for as long as possible. These puzzles are also part of the Facebook Group 'Daily League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen', so some of you will know all of these puzzles. Today's puzzle is an 'All Odd / Even'. With today's puzzle, all of the types of variants in the first GP test are included in my SVS. For that reason I am sharing links to all relevant Sudoku Variants so you can practise a bit more for the first GP round if you like. Some of the puzzles mentioned below are real tough ones! I wish all players good luck and a lot of fun! Happy new year to you all; I hope the GP set provides a nice start! :-)

Here are the links:
All Odd / Even:
(Be aware: in this puzzle the sum-digit is in the point of the arrow)
Next to Nine:
Round Off: