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Doubts regarding the SUDOKU GP itself

Im sorry but I cant find the 'Password' section inside my account. Will it only appear the day of the competition ?

The Password section will be available before the competition.
Before the start of the competition there won't be any information those will be there after start of the tournament.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Also, I have some querries:

1)For puzzles such as renban, extra region sudoku, sudoku with stars, crossnumber sudoku, determinant sudoku - have they been used before in previous competitions ? or were they purely made for the first time and to be used in Round 1 ?

2) Also, the instruction booklet only provides 1 sample for each type of sudoku. Is there any link to provide more practise puzzles for such non-classic types ? As the internet doesnt seem to have for certain types?

3)I infer from the insturction booklet that there will be 6 classic sudoku puzzles - Am i right ?

4) Is it possible for the 'puzzle setters' (Turkey) to provide a time-estimate of how much time are we expected to take for each different type of puzzle - so we know where we stand and how much faster we should aim to do ?

Thankss alot for your help and prompt replies !!

1/2) Of the puzzles, I expect that Renban and Extra Region are very familiar, Crossnumber may be somewhat familiar, and Sudoku with Stars and Determinant SUdoku least familiar. Googling for the common ones should reveal lots of examples; the top hit for "<a href=>Renban Sudoku</a>" for instance is a Logic Masters India contest that has several of these puzzles -- two classic and several mixed Renban with other styles.

3) This is correct. There are six 9x9 classic sudoku puzzles in this contest.

4) A revised instruction booklet has been prepared and will be released soon that will provide the point values for all of the puzzles. The values are set after extensive testing of the puzzles, and are meant to represent the relative difficulty of the puzzles for an experienced solver. Your results may vary slightly depending on particular skills (for example better on classics than variations, or vice versa).

I hope you enjoy the contest!

Thomas Snyder
Sudoku GP Competition Director

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See here for the Indian contest with Renban Sudoku.

Many sudoku variants you can find available for on-line playing on the Sudokucup site:

There are five competition puzzles every day. In Daily League they are classic and variant sudoku puzzles, in the Beginning Players League there are easy sudoku and easy variant puzzles and finally in the League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen it is a variant prepared by world-known authors who are usually really successful participants of World Sudoku Championships.
All the variants are prepared in hand and pre-solved by experienced players, so we can say that we bring you the best of sudoku variants’ world.

Hello organisers !

I see that the contest duration has been shortened compared to last year's GP Rounds.This time around ,all the rounds are for 90 mins.Is this a conscious decision on the part of the organizers in order to make the sets more solvable by moderating the difficulty of the sudokus?
Looks like an interesting change, but I somehow have this opinion that 2 hrs would be ideal for any set regardless of the difficulty provided there are sufficient puzzles to keep one engaged .I hope that 90 mins won't be inadequate for moderate to slow solvers to get a full experience of all the puzzles.
Eagerly looking forward to the Turkey round !!

There were several pieces of feedback that were built into the guidelines we are using for this year's Sudoku GP competition. One change you should already see from the makeup for the Turkish test is more emphasis on Classic Sudoku, and second to that more emphasis on "familiar" variations than very "puzzle-y" variations since the goal of the Sudoku GP is to emphasize sudoku skill.

Many solvers requested "shorter" contests and we have acted in two ways to try to make this happen. First, the tests are actually shorter based on #/difficulty of the puzzles. Second, we expect many more finishers with the make-up of these contests.

We encourage your comments after this year's GP series to see if we have hit these goals or if there are further improvements that should be made. Best of luck and skill on the GP series to you and all other competitors.