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Claim Bonus button disabled Again!

My girlfriend "Lei7m"(Ma Menglei) and I met the same trouble in

Futhermore, as the button didn't work, I submitted the answer again about 160 seconds after the first submission(no answer changed). Hope the first submission could be found in your Database or web engine's log file.

Thank you!

Dear and Lei7m!

The button probably works because most players were able to use it.
Please try to resend your answers now again and you'll be probably able to see it enabled (tested on Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer).

In case that it's not visible for the first time it's necessary to refresh the page. It's done by javascript so it's also necessary to have it enabled and to have enabled cookies also.

Karel (Admin)

Hi Karel,

I had the same problem on this round. The "Claim Bonus" button remained disabled after I sent my answers, and I had to refresh the page to make it clickable. I was playing on the same computer and using the same configuration as always, so I have no idea what might have caused the issue.


The button is enabled once you have submitted all answers which are correctly set regarding to the validators in those fields.
After this correct submission there is stored this information into DB and when the page is loaded it tries to find it in DB. If it is successfull (you have already submitted full solution), it enables the button.

That's why you need to submit it at least once before clicking on CB button.

It can happen that the submission into DB is slower than your reloading of the page and in that particular case it is necessary to reload the page.
This can probably happen when there is some problem on the server etc. But not always.

Karel (Admin)

Hi karel,

I sent all answer and refreshed the page several times, the page was slow but every time it showed my answer correctly(read from DB as you said).

Even I resend the answer to reactivate the trigger of claim bonus button. So the result page shows I spent 79 minutes which actually 76-77 minutes.

I am a coder and the environment is a high performance computer, Chome, 100Mb Bandwith and the same config as usual. A lot of effort was made, but the button still failed.

Maybe the CSS was not correctly downloaded? I am confused why the button could not be clicked.