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Claim Bonus button disabled

Once I had submitted something for all the Competitive puzzles, I was expecting the disabled "Claim Bonus" button to become available. But no, it looked the same. Resending the answers didn't help, but loading the page in a new tab did work. Something to be aware of.
I was using the Edge browser in Windows 10.

May I ask you to visit this page:

and paste here the result which will be shown?

Thank you very much.

Karel (Admin)

After a submission of all competitive answer codes, claim bonus button still disabled. I stayed calm, checked my solutions and then I opened a new tab with an answering form. Suddenly button is enabled and message box appeared. So I claimed for the bonus. Happy, but not perfectly happy...
Browser is chrome on windows 7.

It seems to me, that it must be some kind of caching problem.

It is really strange :(
Sorry for that problem.

I will try to find some solution.

If this happens to you, try hard refresh of your window (CTRL+F5 in Win: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

If it works in new tab it means that your tab was not reloaded fully.

Best regards,

So I have now tested it in Chrome Browser and you are right that the button was not enabled for the first time, but when I tried to submit it once again it became accessible (enabled).

By the second test it worked on the first time.

I will try to test it more.

Karel (Admin)

This error happened to me again this year in the puzzle GP round 2B.
I submitted all my answers, but no Claim Bonus button.
After I refresh the page (F5) I see a popup message that the button is enabled, and it is good after that.
So I recommend other solvers should be aware of this workaround.

(I am using Chrome browser in Windows 10.)

I think this was the first time I've ever gotten to press the Claim Bonus button. Initially was disabled for me, but figured out I had a script blocker in Chrome that was preventing some JS from enabling the button. Probably lost a minute or so of bonus claim, but I'm not going to complain. I finally finished one of these things in the time allotted!