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calculation of total points.


Just wondering why some scores in the big spreadsheet have been crossed out?
are only the best 6 rounds counted in the final score?
how is the worst round eliminated if they are?
Is it decided by position in the ranking points or in the Go points for that particular round?

I am just curious.

are all competitors points for the round dependent or a "percentage" of the highest points scored for that particular? so 100 would be the highest allocated to the person with the highest score, and then everyone else gets a value less than 100.

eg highest score was 200. I score 40. the winner gets 100 points and I will get 20.and My friend who scored 102 would get 51.

then the next round the highest points was 360 ( winner gets 100 ) I still score 40 ( I get 11.11 ) and my friend now scores 200 will now receive 55.56 points.

Am I guessing right? or close to it?

very curious......

Dear janez58!

Please try to visit page with the Rules and it is there described how it works:

If the description won't fulfil your needs do not hesitate to ask :)

Karel (Admin)

thank you

I fully understand.