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button "claim bonus"

thanks to Fred for the nice tournament:) Just one thing was confusing for me - when I finished all grids (for the first time here), I was surprised that the button "claim bonus" was shaded (wasn´t active). I´m glad I didn´t give up trying to activate it:) (wasn´t sure it´s good idea to reload whole page)

Dear QKV,

I've checked this functionality several times before this competition and it worked for me :(
The Claim Bonus button is enabled after you send your Answering form filled with all puzzles.
So the next submission can be Claiming the bonus.

I'll try to test it once again but I'm afraid that I won't be able to manage the same conditions as you have before.
May I ask you to describe me more (in details) what happened?

Thank you very much.


I experienced the same problem as Klara on this round. The first time I submitted my puzzles (using the bottom "Submit" button), the "Claim bonus" button remained shaded. I had to send my answers another time (using the top button) before I could hit the "Claim bonus" button. It was not a big deal in my case since other technical problems - on my side - made me lose much more time, but of course it still is a bit annoying. I hope these details can help you identify the problem.

Anyway, thanks for this great sudoku round; Fred really did a nice job here.


Thank you Bastien for your feedback. I'll try to investigate what happened and if I find anything I'll fix it.