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About the End of the Round

"23:59:59 on May 25, 2015 (GMT + 2 hours)" means that round ends and no answer could be send, right? In some of webs I'd played, you can still send the answer if you still have time left although the competition has ended just because you started in time.

I played across the end time and there's still the time left which was still running, I completed the Little Killer and sent it successfully. But in my solutions, the answer of Little Killer disappeared...

PS. One more thing, I didn't receive the notification of Round 3-5 in my Email, that's why I missed round 3...

Sorry, I'll try to improve the countdown even on the Answering Form page so it will look like the Countdown on the Home page.

There were some problems with sending those invitations so probably that's the reason why you didn't receive any.

But the schedule is available, so you can mark it into your calender :)

Karel (Admin)