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Puzzle round 6 "unofficial" ?

What does it mean that the Turkish round (#6) of the puzzle GP is "unofficial"? And why has the round been removed from the official GP (if such is indeed the case)? The IB says "see announcements" but I couldn't find any announcement in this regard. Also: what is the time limit on this round?

So, there will be only 7 (official)rounds in WPF Puzzle GP this season? Or can we expect some replacement round?
And with just 7 rounds, does it mean only 5 best rounds will be counted for ranking?

What other changes besides influence to official results? Are there three divisions as in official or less? Will the unoficial results for the round published?

There will not be a replacement round; however, we will still ask the puzzle authors from Turkey to provide some puzzles for the Division A playoffs.

Yes, we intend to only count the 5 best rounds for determining playoff spots.

We plan to publish unofficial results for the round; the scoring weight is similar to that of a Division B round.

Overall results are calculated as 6 best rounds at the moment, is it intentional?

Fixed - now there are only 5 best results of 7.

Karel (Admin)

I was online yesterday evening (US Eastern Time) and the website said that the contest would close in two days. But now it says that the contest already closed. What happened?

I did not have the opportunity to try these puzzles during the weekend. Can you post the password on the site so that I may download the puzzles - just to solve on my own time? Thanks.