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Multiple Solutions to Battenburg Sudoku

I have confirmed multiple times (via Andrew Stuarts Solver) that the Battenburg Sudoku from Round 5 IB has 3 solutions. After all even digits are placed, there seem to be multiple options for the odd digits. Am I making a mistake, or is the puzzle broken??

I just tried it, and this puzzle is fine. If you really placed all the even digits and still cannot finish it, then you made a mistake somewhere.
In theory, once you have placed all the "easy" even digits, you are left with three 4s in regions 456, and various odd digits. At this point you need to make use of the fact that all the Battenburg markings are given (you can do it in any of these three regions), and the end of the puzzle should give you no trouble.
Feel free to post a picture if you need more help.

Thanks for your quick reply! I let some time pass and solved it again which normally settles things. Not this time, however.
So this is where i am stuck:

The even digits are placed exactly as in the intended solution, so it has nothing to do with the Battenburg rule. Any help would be welcome!

Never mind...
Please forget everything i wrote. Somehow even after triple checking everything I forgot to copy the 5 in the center both times... Good thing that cannot happen in a competition where i print out everything :D

Have a good look at the central region of the original puzzle. ;-)

Ah well, I just saw your last message. Better late than never!