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sudoku GP round 5 - Unicorn sudoku

Dear, Organizers/players,

In the next round of sudoku GP there is a puzzle named Unicorn sudoku.

This is written in the rules:
'Apply classic sudoku rules. Chess Knights, placed in cells with number 9, must attack only different numbers.'

In the example there are two 9s which can attack each other however they are chess knights (they shouldn't do that) and there is a 9 in the upper right box which can attack two 7s.
So if I understand correctly these above shouldn't appear in the puzzle but in the example they can.

What makes this puzzle as a unicorn sudoku?



The number nine can attack any number including the same number 9, the only restriction is not to repeat the numbers attacked.
The case that you comment of the example, the 9 of the upper right box attacks the numbers 5,6,2,4,9,8, does not repeat number.