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Unclear Sudoku #5 Rules

The instruction booklet for Sudoku Round 5 is pretty unclear. For Battenburg, the evens and odds in the 2x2 are going to be diagonal from each other? For Chess Kings, I need clarification on whether a black king and a white king can touch each other or not. For Unicorn, I think I understand it but it would be nice to get confirmation...if there is a 9, all of the cells that connect to it via a knight's move have to be different digits? So, it can connect to another 9 (unlike antiknight) but it wouldn't be able to connect to more than one 9?


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Thank you for your questions, they are very good. Some of them were actually a bit what I expected. So I explain them in different posts so it's easy to follow:

So in Battenburg, the special sign is given if odd and even digits are forming a chessboard pattern. Yes, it means evens are in one diagonal and odds are in other diagonal

Examples of battenburg formations:


If there is no battenburg sign, then there cannot be such formations in this 2x2 area.

I hope it's clear now.


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Black king and white king cannot touch each other. Also 2 kings of the same colour cannot touch each other.

There are just 2 numbers which are representing kings. They cannot touch each other and you need to figure out yourself which 2 digits are these kings.

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You are correct. One 9 CAN be connected via chess knight's move to another 9.
But only with one 9, no more.

There is also such case in the example puzzle: R3C5 and R2C7 are both 9 and they can attack each other via chess knight's move.

Thanks for responding - it all makes sense now