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division C password


I'm new on this site, I've registered today. I'd like to try solve some puzzles from competition which started today but I have a problem. I can download all files (divisions A,B,C) but I can get passwords only for divisions A and B. I don't have "Password Div. C" position on the menu. Why?

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Unfortunately there were wrongly set up access rights.

It should be now available to all logged players.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)

I don't have Division C password access for Stage 3, only A and B.

I don't have access to division C too. Please fix it.

I now have access to Division C, thank you.

Sorry, it is fixed now and all Divisions are available!

Yet again, Division C is not being displayed correctly; this time with regards to the answers/scoring.