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Announcement - Changes in Puzzle GP Schedule

Please note that the schedule of the Puzzle GP has been changed. The full details are available here -

It is probably too late, but have you considered replacing the 4th Sudoku GP with 3rd Puzzle GP?

This wouldn't be ideal because there isn't a 100% overlap in the players of the respective GPs. It would be an unwelcome surprise for players who only visit the site for the Sudoku GP. It is best to keep scheduling changes independent of each other.

Fine, but please note that there are three rounds in a row during the summer vacation. I am afraid that the number of participants will be really low. The decreasing trend is obvious each year.

Besides that, first four Sudoku and Puzzle GP's are part of the Slovak qualification, so it become irregular after this unexpected move. That's why I am interested.

Rest assured there was a lot of deliberation going into this decision. You would not have been happy if a hastily-edited, possibly imbalanced Round 3 would be part of the Slovak qualification!