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Final Puzzles?

Just an update on this. The links are "up", but they are all broken.

I tried reply to the previous post, but it gives me an error.


Can someone please reply?

Please don't be impatient. You've to understand that next WPF board members' working days are roughly around 19th-20th October 2017. Only then they'll be able to read forums, take decisions and perhaps provide answers.
In addition, as everything can not be decided in 2 working days each year, there is now a delay of around 2 or 3 years, so you can expect an answer approximately in 2019-2020.

Thanks for your understanding,

Fred, you are a funny guy. But I have to admit that you are at least partially right. It is not easy to get answers from time to time. But not only in WPF forum.

More seriously:

I have enough experience now to know that some subjects are taboo in the WPF and that I'll never get some answers from a WPF representative on that subjects. That's why I decided to quit all organisational and authoring aspects of competition.

But I think questions like "When the puzzles will be published?" or "Will the puzzles be published?" should not be too hard to answer, even for the WPF board, and the 7 weeks delay without any kind of answer here seems a bit long to my eyes...


This is not actually problem of WPF because it was caused by failure of Comment system on this GP site.

It was caused by an attack of spammers and I was able to fix it during last week.
So that's why it was not answered right here.

I'm going to fix the issue for Puzzles, where I already have the PDF files. For Sudoku those will be also available soon.

Karel (Admin)

So it is now fixed.
All of them.

Karel (Admin)

Thank you for fixing the links to the finals.