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GP Round 4

Can anyone please guide me to solve the last two Sudoku's of IB (11th & 12th)

Between Sudoku : "Additionally, for any pair of givens in the same row or column"
what is means, I am unable to understand the rules.

Sukaku : Some tips to breaking the puzzle



that's what you call a world level puzzling community no response to the query even after a day.

This forum is quite not very active, and I'm not sure that a lot of players come here regularly.

Between sudoku: An example to illustrate the rule: if in a row the given digits are a 3 and a 7, every cell between the cells that contain those 2 digits must contain digits 4, 5 or 6.
I hope that it helps you to understand the rule.

Sukaku: practice shikaku could help.


best round so far, thanks, every variant was spectacular